Our Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of services tailor-made to your needs. Whether you need regular cleaning or a single through deep clean of your house, our fully trained team are more than happy to help. Our services are custom-built to your preferences and our team will visit your home to carry out quick survey and see what you need cleaned.

This can be anything from simply dusting and vacuuming, to a thorough spring clean. We’ll then quote you a price that both our team and you are happy with. We’re flexible and willing to work around you, so just let us know when is best time for you. Getting a quote from us is free and if you change your mind there is no obligation to use our service. There no contracts throughout your time using Swan All Clean as a company, so you will never need to feel tied down by us.

Domestic Cleaning

Making Sure Your Home is Healthy and looks Beautiful

Our Domestic Cleaning service allows our customers to sit and relax, without worrying about having to clean your home for ours. We take care of everything. We design our cleaning services around the needs of our customers meaning that you’re in charge of what gets done at each visit. We understand that each home is different and therefore a different cleaning service is designed around each home and needs. Our maids take into account what you want, whether you need a thorough spring clean, cleaning the house from top to bottom including behind the furniture and descaling the tabs, housekeeping and helping with laundry and ironing. Trying to make your clean as comprehensive as necessary, including all this services and more.

Regular Cleaning

Need Your Home Cleaned on a Regular Basis?

In Swan All Clean Ltd we work around our customers’ needs, so when you need our maids to visit frequently, we can help. We understand how busy our customers’ can be and how daily life can affect the state of their homes. With our Regular Domestic Cleaning Service we’ll keep your home looking the best it can by visiting as often as you need, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We are flexible and work to your criteria and schedule, so you pick when we visit and what you want to be cleaned. 

Our regular cleaning service benefits our customers, not only in keeping their homes clean, but also cost-wise. Booking a regular cleaning service reduces the time we need to keep on top and respectively reduces the cost for the cleaning. You can include ironing service in your regular cleaning. In addition to cleaning your home all of your ironing will be taken care off, ready for the week ahead.

Spring Cleaning and Deep Cleans

Our Most Thorough Cleaning Service

Our Spring Cleaning Service is a thorough clean of your home from top to bottom. This is the most inclusive of our services, offering a full comprehensive cleaning of your home like descaling all bathroom surfaces, taps, toilets, cleaning all skirting boards, windows, frames, kitchen appliances inside/out and more so you don’t have to worry about putting in all that hard work.

Out team will sit with you and discuss what need to be done, completing a plan of action based around your home. After that our friendly maids will work on that plan ensuring that you receive the best cleaning service, so everything you want done will be completed.
We’re confident about the quality of our work and giving you a full Guarantee that if you are unhappy with the service you’ve received, the maids will come back and finish the job to your satisfaction.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Should You Do Cleaning after Your Tenancy Yourself?

If you are moving out or in,  an Estate agent who needs to make a property ready? We can help. This service covers the entire property, ensuring it’s in great shape for the new tenants.  This cleaning covers carpet cleaning to descaling all bathroom surfaces, comprehensive clean of the kitchen, including oven, fridge, washing machine and inside of the cupboards and more.

Moving home is an extremely stressful time and hiring a professional cleaning company will remove a massive stress from your shoulders and assure that you will leave on a good note with your landlord and take your deposit back. 

Carpet Cleaning

Making Sure Your Home is Clean from Top to Bottom

We offer our carpet cleaning service, to help our customers make their homes look beautiful and healthy from top to bottom. Our cleanings are tailored to our customer’s needs so whether your dog has brought in mud on his paws or if a party guess has split red wine, our Maids will do their best to leave your carpets as good as new. 

The carpets in your home are the cornerstone of a healthy environment for you and your family. Everyday dust, pollen, allergies, mould, bacteria and other pollutants are tracked into your home and will require regular cleaning. Nothing cleans better than professional carpet cleaning. . We make sure our Eco-friendly solutions to leave your carpets clean, healthy and safe for kids and pets. Our prices will determined on how many carpets you need cleaned and the size of your home or business.

Office Cleaning

Helping Your Place of Work be a Happy One

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning your office after you’ve been working hard all day. That’s where we can help.
We can tailor what we do to what you need. Most regular cleaning services of offices and businesses only involve dusting, mopping and vacuuming but also if you think your place needs a good clean we can arrange our team to conduct a more comprehensive spring cleaning, making your business shine.
One of our team will visit the property and conduct an evaluation of it (what the size is and what the client’s needs are). A price then be recommended which both our clients and the team are happy with.
We are flexible and our team can visit outside working hours if that better suits you.
We don’t tie our customers down to a contract, so there is no pressure to use our service on a long term basis and just as long as you need it.

Builders Cleaning

Getting You Back to That New Fresh Feeling

Having work done to your house, whether you’re having it redecorated, a new kitchen fitted or an extension built can leave it in a complete mess. We can offer you a thorough cleaning of your home from top to bottom.
Building work can cause huge amounts of dust to build up in your house. Therefore our maids will not only clean the areas of your house the builders have been working in, but also any other affected areas. If you want your home to look as beautiful as it should after the work the builders have put into it, we can make sure it isn’t let down by dirt and dust left after your home is complete.

Oven Cleaning

Making a Chore a Breeze

Oven cleaning is without a doubt one of the worst chores around the house and can take hours to do. Therefore we are offering our Oven Cleaning Service to customers, so they don’t have to bother with the hassle. It can be included amongst our more comprehensive services such as Spring Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning.

We Don’t Tie Customers to Contracts. Use Our Service Long
Term or as Long as you Want.